Waiting period is finally over, the storm of ‘Google broad core algorithm updates’ paved its way for the August month. There’s a lot of speculation made between SEO professionals as ‘what updates will be rolled out from Google’ and warm the discussions to the depth. As it’s been a track record witnessed every year where, Google constantly changes its search algorithm around 500-600 times to make its search results better for their users. Now you can take a deep breath and back on to your workstation as the updates are officially released. So, just follow the updates accordingly in order to convert the user’s search results into potential leads by heading towards Google-friendly methodologies.

In case, you missed the announcements, here’s a detailed coverage of Google’s official acknowledgment on the recent updates:

Google SearchLiaison tweet

Google SearchLiaison tweet

With this instant tweet, many SEO specialists started showing their point of view by tweeting and commenting that ‘when we will be guided in detail about those updates and know what actually updated despite ranking”. This actually happens not just for the first time but many because the updation of Google spread a confusing environment among professionals without giving any detailed information.

So, What Exactly ‘Google Broad Core Update’ Conveys?

To break everyone’s speculation, Google’s Danny Sullivan marked a clear statement that Google was not in favor of targeting low-quality websites. He precisely confirmed that there is nothing wrong to ‘fix’ in sites that lose potential rankings. This follow-up from Google squashes all the rumors and clearly pitches to not hitting the ‘low-quality’ websites.

Google ‘Broad Core Algorithm’ Update Also Featured Clues 

  • The update was purposely intended for providing better search results to users
  • Render significant value to the sites that lost rankings
  • There are no permanent ‘solutions’ for the sites that lost rankings
  • The improvements are majorly focused on posting quality cum informational content

Takeaway: Defeat Google Broad Core Update Battle Into Favorable Victory

Google is the giant player that can change the entire ranking game. Thus, it is essential that digital professional at Vow Technologies should know and also well-versed with the logic regarding the Google updates. Following up with the recent broad core update, it’s better to focus more on toward building ‘great- quality’ content, put user-asked questions, give them remarkable solutions. Portraying creative cum informational information to the site can make it more Google-friendly and results you already know (better ranking on the search engine). Henceforth, your initiative to keep a detailed eye on Google recent commotion enables you to get always protected from its harsh penalties and cherish worldwide recognition.


Brijpal Singh Maurya is a Project Manager and author at VOW Technologies and he is working online since 2002.You can connect with him on LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

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