With more and more people are knotting online though websites, blogs and social networking sites, SEO has been a king maker for websites over the years. Since trends in SEO have been changing time to time, a question that strikes our mind: what would next year’s search engine optimization trends be?

Importance of website quality has increased with the passage of time. As per a recent analysis, pages that rank good on Google, always appeal the visitors to make their engagement on the products or services that website offer.

Google focus on top quality pages with quality content. These days, high search ranks is connected strongly to total page time and hence it’s highly important to have visual and interactive contents. In other words, the number of images on a page and addition of interactive contents works well to get high search ranks.

Another SEO trend that is reigning these days is Smartphone searches. Being a primary search device, Smartphones are having good impact on search behaviour. By different age groups, searches are more conducted on Smartphone.

People dependence on Smartphone is gradually changing the Google understanding in many ways. These days search is even more coupled to location. The bang of mobile and location related searches are highly visible in precise circumstances.

Use of traditional SEO as a baseline has levelled the playing field and made SEO tactics less important. So it’s important for you to go beyond traditional move toward and pay attention on website quality, content and the mobile know-how.

SEO is a vital consideration for all marketers; Vow Technologies with its expert team help you to get on with planning your seo strategy for 2018. Remain updated for SEO trends to experience utmost benefits.

seo trends to watch


Brijpal Singh Maurya is a Project Manager and author at VOW Technologies and he is working online since 2002.You can connect with him on LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

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