In the year 2000, Google had launched Google AdWords, its 18 years since that start. Now Google has made an official announcement to rebrand the term as Google Ads. It has come up with new features, following the branding into the Google marketing Platform. Consistent efforts are being made to make these features to be exclusively user-friendly. All publishers would be the beneficiaries of this rebranding. Such introduction has come up with novel solutions, towards accelerating a simplified advertising offering to various a range of products.

Why Google Rebrands AdWords?

In the present scenario of marketing, it is exceedingly important. By rebranding it has made available the features, which is beneficial to the users, providing them with the platform to communicate with the consumers globally. With Google AdWords becoming Google Ads, and the primary branding of DoubleClick advertiser products and Google Analytics 360 Suite under the comprehensive brand Google Marketing Platform; it has made the complex process more simplified. In its constant progress in making it suit to the advertisers, the new solutions of DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange are integrated into a new unified platform called Google Ad Manager. The role and importance are summed up in the words of Sridhar Ramaswamy, Google’s SVP of ads, “Consumer expectations from mobile are on the rise…. Opportunity for advertisers is on the rise as well.”

PPC Services Company India is keen on inculcating this rebranding, to meet to the demand of the advertising in the market. It was observed in the past decades that; the process is complex; it was difficult to accept the offering. With the branding, pay per Click Agency India finds a new platform to give to the marketers in India an easier option to figure out then the complex one. This new solution is aimed at harvesting better outcome effectively and efficiently.

Better Options in Google Ads:

Moving away from the complex nature of Google AdWords, the users in Google Ads have the capacity to get access to the URL, The help center looks to the support of the users at

PPC Services India, which caters to providing ads services, uses this better options capacity in letting the users have the opportunity to get easy access to ads.

The options of Google ads have made it conveniently for advertisers to buy anything on the Google surface, could be searched, ads on display, Google Play app ads, YouTube videos or a host of other places.

The integrated umbrella, Google Marketing Platform consists in helping advertisers to plan, buy, measure and optimize digital media buying in at one place. It cuts shorts the need to navigate multistep in the process of buying two or more products. The solution is met with Display and Video 360. It is “designed to offer choice”, says Taylor. Google Ad Manager, helps publishers to monetize at all the new places people are engaging, which includes a host of platforms like Youtube, live streams, mobile games and other apps.

Silent Smart Campaigns:

The smart campaign offers by Google, enable the advertisers to identify the actions and other activities conveniently. The new features of Google Ads can optimize the text and the images by using All Overall, which is considered as the High-end software for advertisers.Search Ads 360  & Video 360 have replaced the existing DoubleClick Search and all the other options like DoubleClick Bid Manager, Campaign Manager Studio, and Audience Center, have been integrated under this. These transitional features will have additional advantage to the customers, following a rush from the complexities of navigation to a more simplified option.

Ultimate benefits are extended with Google Ads, as it makes every advertising a programmatic buying for the advertisers. Advertisers immensely benefit from these new solutions. PPC Services in India ensures to all marketers in India, to give the best services in advertising with new solutions to bring more outcome. This rebranding is useful and inevitably enables such advertisers like ours to experience the ample benefits andenhance the results to a greater extent.

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Brijpal Singh Maurya is a Project Manager and author at VOW Technologies and he is working online since 2002.You can connect with him on LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

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